squiffy and the vine street boys illustration by steve stinson

When Steve Stinson was a little boy he had red hair that was uncombable. He lived near the corner of Fifth Street and Vine in his hometown of Fulton, Missouri. He had a gang of pals and they filled their days doing . . . stuff. Other than that, Mr. Stinson has absolutely nothing in common with Squiffy.


As a boy, they said he was growing up too fast. Today, they worry he never did. He is an artist and writer living in Southwest Virginia. He has written two books for adults and several for children. He has published hundreds of illustrations.

He has a very patient wife and tolerant children. The grandchildren call him Bebop.


He was the longtime ringmaster and juggler and victim of mayhem in "Circus Minimus," a festival show for children. Given the opportunity, he would prefer to be on a bicycle. Portfolio and bio.

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